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Teach and Learn ASL with Robert
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Did You Know? A Portion of All Proceeds Supports the Deaf Community


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  • Robert DeMayo
    Robert DeMayoEducator/Actor

    Robert DeMayo is a Connecticut-born actor, educator and ASL consultant currently residing in Philadelphia. Robert attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York and toured professionally with Sunshine Too, Cleveland Sign Stage Theatre and the Tony Award-winning National Theatre of the Deaf. He is one of the subjects of See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary.

    • Hilari Scarl
      Hilari ScarlDirector/Producer

      Hilari directed the award-winning feature See What I’m Saying, was featured on Steven Spielberg’s On the Lot, produced shows for CBS, TLC, Court TV and the History Channel and performed with the Tony Award-winning National Theatre of the Deaf.

    • Director/Producer Hilari Scarl at WE Volunteer Awards in NYC
      Director/Producer Hilari Scarl at WE Volunteer Awards in NYC
    • A Deaf Community in Ghana Watches
      A Deaf Community in Ghana Watches "See What I'm Saying" on a Laptop

    SIGN WITH ROBERT and Worldplay, Inc. Give Back to the Deaf Community

    Worldplay, Inc., the production company behind Sign With Robert, See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary and No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie and director/producer Hilari Scarl believe in equal access, empowerment of Deaf people everywhere and giving back. A portion of the proceeds goes directly back to the Deaf community. Worldplay, Inc. has donated the series to Deaf organizations for silent auctions and is offering fundraising opportunities to benefit Deaf schools. We have a long history of supporting the Deaf community, including a $5000 donation to the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) from the winnings of the WE Volunteer Award, free screenings donated to dozens of communities around the world and advocating for more Deaf actors in Hollywood. Hilari Scarl runs an internship program for Deaf filmmakers giving them free support, interpreting services, shadowing and networking opportunities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for Deaf talent both on and off the screen, create quality content for mainstream markets, foster positive role models in the media and encourage all parents with Deaf children to learn ASL.


    • "SIGN WITH ROBERT is an excellent product that is easily accessible by streaming online anywhere. It's ideal for a wide range of audiences, from new parents of a Deaf child to ASL students of all ages and backgrounds. This curriculum isn't just for self-taught students, but can also be used by ASL teachers to support existing course materials. I give it two thumbs up."

      Ben JarashowDeaf Studies Coordinator, Utah Valley University
    • "I have had the good fortune to view SIGN WITH ROBERT with Robert DeMayo. The production quality of the videos is very high and Robert is an outstanding performer and a very skilled ASL artist. It has been awhile since anything like this has been produced that provides contemporary examples of ASL. There are many aspects of the production that will be useful for classroom, workshop, individual, and presentation purposes. Robert's participation in this project lends a high level of credibility to the work. I find the broad range of topics provided in the collection beneficial to many different people who may have an interest in ASL, Deaf culture and the history of Deaf people."

      Dr. Aaron W. KelstoneProgram Director, National Technical Institute for the Deaf Performing Arts