I am a parent/caregiver of a Deaf child. How do I use this series?

We are so very glad you are here. You and your child can learn together. There are lots of fun vocabulary sections such as “Animals and Food Signs (Episode 1 on DVD 1) that are signed with open captions, as well as informative chapters such as “How to Teach Babies Sign Language” (Episode 1 on DVD 1.) You can have fun with “Songs, Nursery Rhymes and More” in Episode 30 on DVD 10 for younger children, or “ASL Stories – Receptive Practice” in Episode 25 on DVD 9 for older children. Learning ASL together builds a lifelong bond and strengthens communication between you and your child.

I work for a hospital, emergency services or healthcare. Is this for me?

We are glad you asked! We created an entire DVD for you! DVD 7 – Survival Signs and Skills will give you basic vocabulary for Emergency Signs (Episode 19), Everyday Signs (Episode 20) and information on How to Communicate with Deaf People (Episode 21.) Every emergency and healthcare service should know these basics.

I am a business. Can I use this to train my HR department?

Absolutely! Episode 22 on DVD 8 “Business, Numbers and Time” is for you! You will learn vocabulary for business signs, how Deaf people get work and how VRS works. Perfect for every hiring entity who wishes to work with deaf employees.

I am an individual wanting to learn sign language. How do I use this series?

We are glad you are learning sign language! Feel free to browse the categories or episodes that interest you, or purchase the entire series. We recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through the series, but you can skip around as well. It’s best to focus on one episode per week by watching a chapter a day. Go back and review material until you feel comfortable and ready to move on to the next episode.

I have a discount code. How do I use it?

Please email swr@tugginc.com and the Tugg team would be happy to help you place your discounted order!

How do I get the streaming/download links?

After submitting your order, navigate back to the page of the product you purchased and you’ll immediately see a “Play Movie” button. Click it and the video will play! Alternatively, visit your Order History and click the “Watch Now” links.

What are the shipping costs?

Streaming videos (episodes and chapters) have free shipping, as they are streamed digitally. DVDs, however, have additional shipping costs depending on your delivery speed or country. To learn more please visit our Pricing page.

Shipping Method Cost
Ground $15.00
Two-Day $25.00
Overnight $50.00
International $80.00
How is the pricing structured?

The series has 10 DVDs divided into 30 Episodes divided into 150 Chapters. Click here to browse the collection. DVDs are physical goods that are shipped to an address. Episodes are streaming products, which can either be rented for one-year or purchased for the life of the file format. Both rentals and purchases can be streamed online, but purchases include 5 DRM-free downloads (coming soon). University pricing allows institutions to download media to a server to provide access to students (coming soon) and are accordingly more expensive. Some digital products are available for organizational access through Tugg Channels. Contact support@tugginc.com to learn more.